Ping Pong

The concept is to serve Ping Pong inside the working area. Where businessman or employee are able to spend their leisure time in the middle of their work activity or waiting times in traffic jam. Level 37 provides ISO standard Ping Pong Tables for casual uses or tournament event.


Our idea comes from spot in the middle of working area featuring pool tables for those who seek for entertainment in the middle of working hour or after working hours. The atmosphere at Level 37 is very friendly and cozy. Located in Level 37 Suites 5th AXA Tower with the Mega Kuningan scenery made Level 37 the perfect place to unwind after a stressful day at the office. Level 37 provides two pool tables with ISO Standard tables for casual uses or for billiard tournament event.


Other Sport

We have Zumba Class, Yoga Class, and also Chess Board.

You might choose one or more in our activities in a week. We provide reliable Zumba and Yoga trainers with their own speciality to train you into the best level. Level 37 also provide discount voucher for those who come and want to join our sport class. And also for you, the one who have intelectually gifted and need brain exercise, we have chess to stimulate your brighty brain.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us, we have everything you need to relax!


The definition of Lounge is to lie, sit, or stand in a relaxed or lazy way. Yes, that is why we called Level 37 Sport and also Lounge area. You might spend your Leisure time or Waiting times in traffc jam or just hangout with friends while enjoying our Foods, Beverages, and Cocktails in Level 37.

The reason why we also provide a good music entertainment in Level 37 is because research shows that even sad music can lift your mood. That was one of the reason Level 37 had a terrific music choice with an excellent sound system. And also every Friday night we invite local band to perform live music in level 37.

And we also provide big screen LCD for your event, such as wedding, meeting, billyard or pingpong tournament, "NoBar" event (football, F1,movie) but of course by reservation.


Level 37 is a good place to organize your event. Such as Billyard or PingPong Tournament/class, Sport Class, Private Meeting, for your wedding or engagement event and also your "NoBar" event (Football, Formula 1, motoGP, Basketball, etc), and another event you are going to organize. We have 2 big LCD TV with tv cable channel, sound system, high-speed internet, Kitchen and Bar utencils, located in strategic area in the middle of business area in Jakarta.

If you seek for a place to organize your event, call us now!

About Level 37?

Level 37 is a sport and lounge facilities where businessmen and people may spend their leisure time or doing sport activity in our space.


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AXA Tower Lantai 37 Suite 05
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 18 Setia Budi, Jakarta Selatan
Mon - Fri 11.00 AM - 09.00 PM

Level 37
Axa Tower 37th Floor Suite 5
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18 Jakarta