PT. Transhub Jaring Media - KarAds Freshplus Appreciation Day

Wednesday 24 May 2017, 10:58 WIB

Yesterday, 23rd May 2017, PT. Transhub Jaring Media celebrated their Appreciation Day in Level 37, they named the event as KarAds Freshplus Appreciation Day. As we know, KarAds is an outdoor media advertising provider that uses private cars as a medium and utilizes digital technology both in their relationships with car drivers and in providing measurements on the effectiveness of advertisements for their service users. This event attended by all KarAds employee and partners at lunch time. Aproximately 100 invites enjoyed their time at level 37.

We set all their F&B requirements, buffee, coffee break, and including their seat set. Not just them, you who interest to celebrate your event at level 37. Just send us your request and with pleased we will help you to set your event.

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