PT. Digital Panel Indonesia - Liwetan

Wednesday 24 May 2017, 16:48 WIB

Last week, PT. Digital Panel Indonesia held an event with their employees in Level 37. Those event is a Liwetan themed. As we know, Liwetan recently is a local-trending menu food arisen especially in Indonesia. Liwetan or bancakan, the newly founded dining style features rice and an assortment of dishes, including fried chicken, fried salted fish, hard-boiled salted eggs and vegetables, served on top of a banana leaf spread and uniquely serving to be consumed together in one big banana leaf. 

This event was attended by all PT. Digital Panel Indonesia employees, around 70 employees were gathered in Level 37 to celebrated their lunch event. Level 37 helped PT. Digital Panel Indonesia to set up their requirements including their F&B set (liwetan), their layout event and also their free access to entering the AXA Tower building area.

Set up yours now with Level 37 team!