Photography Event Play With Me

Thursday 09 March 2017, 12:03 WIB

On February 3rd 2017, Level 37 presented photography event,"Play with Me", supported by Siaranku (Live Streaming Radio Online), The Copher (Community of Photographer), and also Kfm (Komunitas Fotografer dan Model). The judges are Roy Rafael from The Copher and San Shine. This event was attended by both amateur and professional photographers. 

The winner for this event will be choosen 3 from the best, first winner will received IDR 2.000.000, IDR 1.500.000 for the second winner, and IDR 1.000.000 for the third winner. The winner announcement will be announced 2 weeks after the event. 

The winners will be selected by requirements, every photographer should take the best picture of our models (from Siaranku and Gamers models), and should send the result to Level 37 by email (after the conntest), and the judges will choose 3 winners by their capability to take the best picture.

Started from 15.00 until 20.00, photographers continued to flock the Level 37 area, and also the models. 









And here's the winners of Play with Me photography event;







Thank you for all the participant and we'll see you again in another contest.