Saturdate With Touch Prodigy And Siaranku

Friday 24 March 2017, 11:15 WIB

On Saturday February 25th 2017, Siaranku collaborate with Touch Prodigy, Games Casual Based Dance 3D based on Kpop free to play invented by Prodigy Infinitech, held an event gathering named "Saturdate with Touch Prodigy and Siaranku" which took place in Level 37. 

This event were opened by Prodigy Infinitech team, Indomog (Mogplay) and also by Siaranku team. Hosted by Rika from Siaranku and Ivy from CM Touch Indonesia. Also there were speech from Prodigy Infinitect team, Indomog (Mogplay) and Siaranku team.

This event also introduced the new Arcade Game invented by Prodigy Infinitech named "Crazy Fish" based on Android.

This event also organize the game Tournament, and the judges would be choosed three best winner to win trophy.

Let us see the excitement event with Touch Prodigy.;