Test Food Ramadhan Menu With Chez Inggrid Catering

Friday 19 May 2017, 16:15 WIB

Last Wednesday, May 17th 2017, Chez Inggrid Catering held a Test Food Ramadhan Event in Level 37. This event occured at lunch time. Attended by employees from companies around AXA Tower. And they said they were excited to attend this Test Food Ramadhan Menu by Chez Inggrid Catering.

As we know that Chez Inggrid Catering is one of a famous and tasty catering in West Jakarta. Chez Ingrid  was established in 1989. The quality provided by Chez Ingrid Catering is not only great in terms of taste nor is it just a pretty packaging; it is also about her exceptional service especially at certain events.

And we are glad that Chez Inggrid Catering were held their event and choosed Level 37 as their venue to held Test Food Ramdhan Menu.

And not only that, for you who interest to celebrate your event in Level 37, we are ready to set up your menu with Chez Inggrid Catering. Just call us and list your Food and Beverage desire, and we will set up your glorious event with pleased.